G.E.T. Contributes to Community Service/Sustainability Project

The Campus Kitchens Project is a service initiative that provides nutritious meals for low-income seniors and others in need. All CKP locations are based at a high school or college kitchen facility. Each operation is managed by student volunteers, who create menus, cook, and deliver meals.

One of the thirty-one CKP hubs resides at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. Last year, CKNU decided to incorporate sustainability in its operations by replacing disposable containers with our Eco-Takeouts™. After a few weeks of logistical planning, the reusable container program has launched successfully. “We started implementing them after Thanksgiving, and they have been working great! The people we have been delivering to have done a great job of returning them, and they clean nicely,” says CKNU Coordinator Danny Burke.

The bottom line: In a 12-month period, using Eco-Takeouts™ will save CKNU an estimated $1,000, and keep 10,000 disposable containers out of landfills.

About Wilma

As G.E.T.'s Sustainable Products Manager, I have more than 15 years of experience managing quick serve and casual dining restaurant foodservice promotions. And what do I know about sustainability? Well, I read eco research, study best practices, and follow Mom’s example by reusing grocery bags and recycling cans. Like many of you, I am looking for ways to apply environmental research and eco-friendly best practices in our schools, companies, and communities. I'll share what I learn, and pass along some tips-- mine and others-- you can apply to your own "green" goals.
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