It’s Not Easy Being Green

Many of us who grew up watching Sesame Street remember Kermit the Frog lamenting this fact in song. Foodservice companies and other businesses today may be singing a similar tune, with the increasing pressure from governments, consumers, and other forces to become “eco-friendly.” However, there are also laws that govern environmental marketing claims, and they are administered by the Federal Trade Commission.

The Southland Better Business Bureau, based in Southern California, recently published some tips that can help companies market their green initiatives truthfully and lawfully.

Here are a few of them:

• Don’t make claims you can’t support with scientific research, certification, or some other form of verification.

• Be sure to investigate thoroughly any third-party organization that offers you a “seal of approval.”

• Consider getting help from a marketing or PR agency that specializes in environmental advertising.

• Look at ways to promote “the green” not only in your products and services, but also in your operations.

The full Southland BBB article can be found here:

Promoting your business as environmentally-friendly can offer a competitive edge. Doing so in an honest way helps keep you on the right side of the court of law AND public opinion.

About Wilma

As G.E.T.'s Sustainable Products Manager, I have more than 15 years of experience managing quick serve and casual dining restaurant foodservice promotions. And what do I know about sustainability? Well, I read eco research, study best practices, and follow Mom’s example by reusing grocery bags and recycling cans. Like many of you, I am looking for ways to apply environmental research and eco-friendly best practices in our schools, companies, and communities. I'll share what I learn, and pass along some tips-- mine and others-- you can apply to your own "green" goals.
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