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What is Eco-Takeouts™?

Each year, millions of styrofoam containers end up in landfills after only one use. G.E.T's Eco-Takeouts™ is a green alternative to disposable containers. Made of durable polypropylene, G.E.T.'s Eco-Takeouts™, reusable to-go containers, can be sanitized in the dishwasher and reused again and again.

How does it work?

Users check out the containers, consume their food outside of the cafeteria, and then return the Eco-Takeouts™ to be washed and sanitized. Eco-Takeouts™ operate just like dishware used in the cafeteria. However, the design allows one to take food to-go! G.E.T.'s Eco-Takeouts™ are better for the environment and they also cut supply costs through reuse. Watch MORE videos.

ABC Action News Good Food Store  
Video from NBC Tampa News  
Spotlighting the one year anniversary of Eco-Takeouts™: ABC goes live to cover the trending Eco-Takeout™ containers at the USF campus. Good Food Store in Missoula, Montana promotes sustainable efforts by utilizing Eco-Takeouts reusable program in their deli section.


Campus Kitchen at Northwestern University replaces disposable containers with Eco-Takeouts. Read More  |  Blog Home

A summary of a recent QSR Magazine article about an emerging practice outside the U.S. — posting carbon footprint data with menu information.

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Many universities, companies, and healthcare cafeterias have launched successful Eco-Takeouts™ programs. Contact us to learn how you can launch your Eco-Takeouts™ program today.